Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Dance of Souls Book Review

Short, sexy, action packed, and fun. I enjoyed this book thoroughly. I found the concept of the ghost cats to be intriguing. Mason Blackwolf found himself drawn to stop at this bar on his way home, he didn't know why he felt this pull to this place, but when Chandra walks in everything changes for him. He is inexplicably attracted to her and feels a connection that could be life changing. Chandra feels the same way about the mysterious man in the bar. But what they both will soon realize is their attraction is deeper than they both could have ever realized. This was a awesome read, I just wish that there wasn't such a gap from the last page to the epilogue, I felt like I was missing information.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Act of Submission Book Review

Out for revenge Haven seeks to kill all who are responsible for the death of her twin brother Harper, especially Psi-Op Boomer. She has heard a lot of horrific details about the psi-operatives and how they operate but she is willing to sacrifice it all in her brother's honor. Haven gets a rude awakening when she realizes that things aren't as they seem and now instead of fighting to the death she is fighting an attraction to the very man she sought to kill. This book was awesome from the very first page. Boomer has a very dark past and it has left him with a wall around his emotions and around his body, but when he sees Haven all of that seems to disappear. I loved this book, it was a excellent read just like the other books in this series. Haven and Boomer are perfect for each other, despite him being a cat shifter and her being part vampire. Nothing better stand in their way of being with each other, not even the ones who mean the most to them. I eagerly await more books in this series, Roth has another winner on her hands. I would highly recommend it.