Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Act of Mercy Book Review

This book was really good. I found the story concept to be interesting and fresh. I really liked the idea of shifters who are operatives. This was a real page turner, once I got engrossed in the book I didn't want to put it down. I found Duke and Mercy to be fascinating characters, who were even more interesting once they met. I liked that Mercy was such a strong woman, even with the cards stacked against she would do what she felt was right even to her own peril. Smart, strong, and sassy she is the perfect mate for Duke. Duke is no nonsense, strong, tough, with a quick wit, he supports his brothers in arms even when they annoy him which is often. Even though Duke and Mercy were opposites they were perfect for each other, loyal, and they loved hard. I look forward to more from the Psi-ops series.

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Pandas and their Chopsticks and Other Animal Stories Review


"The Pandas and their Chopsticks and Other Animal Stories" by Demi is a truly beautiful book, both in illustration and in story. I loved how rich and bold the illustrations were, they drew me in right from the beginning. I was more and more intrigued as I read each page. I also found the page boarders to be a great addition they gave a awesome depiction of what each tale was going to be about. I loved how each story was short but they were packed full of meaning and morals. This book would be an ideal addition to any classroom or home library for your children. This book would also be perfect for a interactive read along. Each story is bursting with questions to ask children about what they think will happen next, questions about the illustrations, how they would react in those situations, what they would do differently, and more. This also would be a great opportunity for teachers to have their students write their own stories using one of the morals they learned, I think it would be a fun and challenging activity.

I would definitely recommend this book for young and older readers. There are lessons to be learned in it that can benefit people of all ages. I love that this book continually has you thinking and meditating on your own life. It will be a great tool for any classroom or children's library. I think this book will be a classic and read continuously. I didn't want to put it down myself, and I will definitely share it with others.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Parker's Honor Book Review

I really liked this story. I loved how quickly Parker was fascinated with Lynn, not even knowing who she was at first. The connection between their families was a great addition to Lynn's back story, it gave her character more depth. I think Parker and Lynn were perfect for each other, both of them with their medical skills and strong wills. This book had a bit of fun in it which lightened up the story. Sexy, fun, thrilling, and warm this was undoubtedly a great read. I look forward to more of the McSweeneys.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Shadow Heart Book Review

 I found this book to be incredibly well written. I was absorbed into this series from the start. Nicky and Ryan were amazing characters that fully engulfed me into their stories and had me invested. I loved the thought of Ryan once a playboy athlete wanting to change his ways for a real love something lasting. I also liked how strong Nicky was, despite her past she was a smart, put together young woman who knew what she wanted in life.  I found it great that Ryan fought to pursue her despite the obstacles against them, he wanted her in his life and he would do what he could to achieve that. I look forward to more from this series.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Prince of Pleasure Book Review

I found "Prince of Pleasure" to be a great story. I was bummed that it was so short, I wanted to see more of Lucy and Rossi's story. I thought it was written very well, I have enjoyed this series tremendously. I am now a huge fan of bird shifters. I find Rossi and his people to be fascinating. I loved that Rossi and Lucy met in the past and they were reunited. Lucy met him when she was so young but she found him beautiful and princely even as a child, as an adult her feelings were amplified. Lucy was able to get her Prince Charming despite all of the naysayers. Rossi was so resistant to love and a mate but he couldn't resist Lucy. I think they're a great match.

Hunted Holiday Review

I really loved this book, Cornell and Dani were very likable characters. I found their efforts to resist the temptation of each other to be cute. It was funny how they were both fantasizing about each other not having the slightest inkling that the attraction was mutual. A slayer and a vampire together, I loved it. I thought it was so cute that Cornell couldn't fight being close to Dani so her built his house next door, and they both watched each other. All in all great story, I would love to see more of Finn.