Monday, June 29, 2015

Warriors of Darkness Book Review

This book was so very good. I loved the characters of Deryn and Alejandro. i found myself unwilling to put the book down once I started it, I read the whole book in one sitting. Action packed, sexy and incredibly well written Roth has done it again. I found the whole cast of characters to be very interesting, I would love to learn more about the supporting characters. This love story was rich and complex. Despite being natural enemies Alejandro and Deryn couldn't resist each other. Their passion was fierce and they were going to fight to be together despite the odds against them, even against the enemies that they couldn't see. Deryn and Alejandro's lives were more entwined then they could ever know, their connection going back to before her birth. They had a love that was meant to be and this was a awesome story.

Friday, June 26, 2015

If an Elephant Went to School Book Review

"If an Elephant went to School" by Ellen Fischer and illustrated by Laura Wood is a thoughtful story about animals and how they conduct themselves in school. With beautiful and vibrant illustrations Fischer weaves a cute story about how animals would behave if they went to school. Animals wouldn't react the way humans would because they are unable to, so instead of writing, counting, and reading they would learn to do things that are important in their lives. This awesomely written book grasps your attention from the very first page. It offers children the opportunity to really think about the animals mentioned and their characteristics. Children will have to be metacognitive throughout the whole reading of this book, constantly questioning and thinking about classroom and animal behaviors, and predicting what will come next in the story.

I find this book to be fun and educational, as the children read they will be learning about the qualities of different animals, like elephants, skunks, and even eels. Each page offers a whimsical and informative look into the question of these animals going to school. If the gorgeous illustrations doesn't make you want to pick this book up the undeniably witty and smart words will. Early childhood students will thoroughly enjoy this story and I think it will be a favorite read-aloud. This book also would be a great accompaniment to themes on animals. I would use this book as a model for the children to create stories in the same style, this would be a fun activity which can culminate in a trip to the zoo where the kids can see these animals up close and personal. I would highly recommend this story for the early childhood age group, I think it will quickly become a new favorite. This book will be available on August 11th.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Somber Resplendence Book Review

This is the story of Aland Werner and Sidney Fisher. Aland a Constellaziogen warrior, finds out that Sidney is his mate when Sidney's sister is attacked by a Renegade. Aland will do whatever he can to claim and protect her. That is if he can get Sidney to trust him and overcome her fears of his people. This was a great story, it was very well written and well developed. I wish there was more because I wanted to keep reading. I look forward to reading more of this series especially seeing what happens with Dr. Marmora. I would highly recommend this book.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Secret Affair Book Review

This was a really good short story. I found Will and Diana to be very interesting characters, I wanted to know more about them. They're both stuck in loveless marriages where they feel trapped. Drawn together because of similar circumstances they can't resist the temptation of each other. I look forward to reading more from this series, I think it is going to be awesome. This first story definitely has whet my appetite.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Pisces Phenomenon Book Review

Sexy, action packed, and original, "Pisces Phenomenon" is a winner. Roth has done it again, she gets better and better with each book of hers I read and this book does not disappoint. This story has everything I want in a paranormal romance, I didn't want to stop reading, a yummy male hero and a feisty heroine that are combustible together. I look forward to reading more of the Zodiac Gatekeepers series.