Friday, January 16, 2015

Seaver the Weaver Book Review

After having read "The Insomniacs" a book that the Brothers Hilts previously  illustrated, I eagerly awaited their next illustrated venture "Seaver the Weaver" by Paul Csjasak. I am definitely not  disappointed. Both beautifully written by  Csjasak and illustrated by the Brothers Hilts, I was to put it down. From the beginning I was drawn in by the richness of color and poignant sentences that spun a story of  whimsy and creative artistry. In a very concise way Csjasak is able to evoke imagery that will make you feel as if you are in Seaver's world. You want to know more about this fascinating little spider, as dig deeper into the story. The darkness of the drawings keep your eyes fastened to each page, though few colors are exhibited on each page the richness and saturation of each illustration makes them dynamic.

Seaver the Weaver and his family are orb weavers, they make webs that are circle shaped. This is what they are familiar with, when Seaver starts making webs that have a shape that deviates from their normal, they try to get him to conform and tamp down his offbeat style. Nevertheless Seaver is inspired by what he sees in the sky at night, he follows his heart even though it's not tradition. Despite their contrariness, they realize that Seaver may be on to something good. He is well fed and his creations are beautiful even though it's not what they are used to. I love that Seaver was extraordinary, he was artsy and created his webs by the stars. Seaver loved his webs and felt good making them, he didn't let his siblings negativity damper his spirits or creativity. Seaver is a strong character and this story will become a all-time favorite. Czajak and the Brothers Hilts definitely scored a touchdown with this book.

This is a awesome story of inspiration and individuality for the early childhood sector. Kids will find Seaver and his webs to be fascinating. This book would be the perfect accompaniment to a theme on spiders. Lessons on spiders and how they make webs would be a great introduction to this book. Art projects would be a fun way to integrate the book in different ways. I would have my students make webs based on what inspires them, this would be a ideal way to express their uniqueness like Seaver. I also would love each student to create their own spiders, using different mediums and materials. This would truly evoke the message of everyone being different and how our differences make us special. I eagerly await more from this amazing author, illustration team, and Might Media Kids publishers.

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