Monday, March 3, 2014

Alphabeti-cool Book Review

Alphabeticool Review

From A to Z, "Alphabeti-cool" is a vibrant, cute, and engaging book. Each letter is represented by a a wonderful illustration that brings the letter and pages to life. The illustrations and words aren't the typical choice that alphabet books usually follow. This book is full of unique text and fun illustrations.

I really enjoyed reading "Alphabeti-cool". It was a well written story. I think children in the early childhood demographic will really enjoy reading it. The book was also brilliantly and beautifully illustrated. I was eager to turn to the next page to see the wonderful drawings. I found the use of such bold, bright, and vibrant colors enchanting. I enjoyed how children will have the opportunity to explore other words that begin with these letters instead of A is for apple and B is for ball. Instead you get the creative K is for kids go karting, and G is for giggling girls in the grass. Her use of alliteration was great, and very clever.

I also liked that each letter in the alphabet had a drawing that explored a variety of places and objects to expand early readers horizons. I would definitely recommend this book and use it in my classroom.

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