Thursday, March 20, 2014

'Dragons love tacos' book review

Dragons Love Tacos

"Dragons love tacos" by Adam Rubin and illustrated by Daniel Salmieri is about, you guessed it dragons who love tacos. In this cute story a little boy named Robbie talks about the love that dragons have for tacos. Why dragons have a affinity for tacos, what dragons like on their tacos, and what not to put on a taco if you're going to give it to a dragon.

This book is both fun and interesting. You keep turning the page to see what silliness is going to turn up next. Robbie seems to be an expert on dragons and his witty remarks on their likes and dislikes make you smile and want to keep reading. The many dragons come to Robbie's house for a taco party. The dragons are all different colors and sizes each have unique features. At the party they shovel in taco after taco. Then Robbie realizes that the number one thing that dragon's don't like, spicy foods, is all over the tacos. Jalapenos are in the salsa, and much to Robbie's detriment he couldn't stop the dragons from eating the tacos. Unfortunately the dragons burn his house down. Good thing the dragon's helped him rebuild it.

This book is fun, and I think young children will enjoy it. Any child with a love for dragons will be drawn to this book. The illustrations are fantastic and add a delightful and quirky air to this story.

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