Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Act of Mercy Book Review

This book was really good. I found the story concept to be interesting and fresh. I really liked the idea of shifters who are operatives. This was a real page turner, once I got engrossed in the book I didn't want to put it down. I found Duke and Mercy to be fascinating characters, who were even more interesting once they met. I liked that Mercy was such a strong woman, even with the cards stacked against she would do what she felt was right even to her own peril. Smart, strong, and sassy she is the perfect mate for Duke. Duke is no nonsense, strong, tough, with a quick wit, he supports his brothers in arms even when they annoy him which is often. Even though Duke and Mercy were opposites they were perfect for each other, loyal, and they loved hard. I look forward to more from the Psi-ops series.

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