Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Crazy For You Book Review

This was a great book. Not only was it incredibly well written, it was sexy, fun, and heart wrenching. I was engrossed into Meredith and Landry from the beginning. Quirky and eccentric Meredith is misunderstood, in her small town she is used to be considered weird. Now with her back home she is looking for a fresh start and to stay away from overbearing men, that is until she meets Landry. Landry not only gets her kind of crazy but he makes her feel like never before, now if he can get over his being off of women. Through many obstacles that become stumbling blocks in their way Meredith and Landry can't fight be crazy for each other, can love really conquer all or will circumstances prevail. Two thumbs up for Kennedy Kovit.

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