Monday, October 20, 2014

Blaze of Glory: Prospect Springs Shifters Book Review

This book was everything I hoped it would be. Sexy, fun, sweet, a little bit of action, and very well written. I was sad when it was over because I wanted to read more. Roth has a winner on her hands with the Prospect Springs Shifters Series. I found the concept of the New Old West to be fresh especially coupled with the paranormal. I didn't expect to find other supernaturals in a shifter series set in the Old West but I was very pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed both Jonathan and Molly, they were both very strong protagonists that complimented each other perfectly. Their love story was one of reconciliation and triumph over past trials and tribulations. I liked that they were able to rekindle their love even though they didn't part on the best terms. Jonathan was willing to do whatever he had to to make Molly his mate, he never forgot how much she meant to him and he wanted her to be a permanent fixture in his life. Molly was equally protective of Jonathan, she loved him and she had his back. I also enjoyed that Molly wasn't a damsel in distress she was a gun toting special marshal who could definitely hold her own, a great counterpart to her furry and clawed love interest. I look forward to reading the stories of the other characters this book was awesome.

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