Friday, October 31, 2014

King of Prey Book Review

This book was awesome. I love the idea of bird shifters. I found the story to be and the realm in which Kabril lived to be fascinating. This book was incredibly well written, the characters were highly likable. Kabril, Sachin, and Rayna I felt were perfect for this story world. Kabril had just the right amount of arrogance and regality to him. While Sachin was the perfect best friend and adviser, he kept Kabril on his toes and made sure he took care of his responsibilities. I look forward to reading Sachin's story. Rayna was a strong heroine, she knew what she wanted and how she felt about things and she didn't let the king run over her. I fully enjoyed their love story. It was hot, thrilling, emotional, and quite fun. Especially, with Kabril's way of speaking and their aversion to chicken.

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