Friday, January 17, 2014

'Farm animals for kids' book review

"Farm Animals for Kids: Amazing Pictures and Fun Fact Children Book" by Betty Johnson, is a detailed and informative book about animals who live on farms. This a great children's book about animals. Each page is chock full of detailed information about each farm animal. I like how the important facts were broken down into different subtitles. Children will really be able to glean a significant amount of information about the animals from this book. I also found the illustrations to be cute and very colorful, they added a fun element to the book., they show how the animals look using cartoon-like graphics.

This book would be a great teaching tool. It could be used in many different aspects of the classroom. I like that the book asks the readers questions, this ensures that the book was read thoroughly and the information was retained so that it can be recalled to answer questions later. The book allows the children to really work their reading skills and absorb the context. Children's metacognitive abilities will be worked will reading this book also. Teachers will find the setup of the book to be favorable.

 Farm Animals for Kids book review

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