Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Weird! Book Review

"Weird!" is a book by Erin Frankel and illustrated by Paula Heaphy. This book is the first in a series about bullying. "Weird!" starts of the series from the perspective of Luisa the child being bullied. Luisa is being bullied in school by Sam about everything, from wearing her favorite polka dot boots to speaking Spanish with her father. The books discusses the challenges that Luisa faces and the steps she takes to overcome them. I found this book to be fantastic from the beginning to the end. I think that it is making great strides in talking about the serious issue of bullying and self-esteem.

 I would highly recommend this book for children of all ages. It discusses the topic in a fresh and empowering way. I enjoyed the character of Luisa, she was a strong girl who didn't let her bully diminish her sense of self. I also loved that she was brave enough to get help when she needed it. I found the tips to overcome bullying to be a great addition to the book. Sometimes children don't know what ways they can seek help but these helpful ideas may make a great change in a child's life.

 The illustrations were beautiful, cute, and whimsical. They added the perfect element to the story. Both vibrant and soft, I found the drawings to enhance each scene in the story. The clever use of black and white, with splashes of color helped depict the mood of the characters and the essence of the situation

 Weird! Book Review

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