Monday, February 3, 2014

Whatta Weird World 1: A Ducky Cure for the Hiccups

"Whatta Weird World 1: A Ducky Cure for the Hiccups" by Max Candee and illustrated by Melissa Bailey is about a eight year old girl with red hair and purple glasses, named Amanda Grace. She is a perfect blend of her parents. Amanda Grace is full of personality, she is smart, fun, quirky, and knows what she likes. Amanda Grace has a pet duck, named Sam, and a stuffed Koala, named Kwali, who she takes along for the ride. While her family sleeps Amanda Grace starts her adventures.

I found this book to be cute and fun. I really enjoyed the characters, especially Amanda Grace and Sam. I loved Gracie's sense of adventure, and her courage to go out and find something thrilling. Amanda Grace was both girly in her love for pink and brave in her longing for adventure. The illustrations were soft and vibrant which I found to be perfect for the story, they epitomized Gracie.

I would definitely recommend this story for young readers. I think they will thoroughly enjoy it as I did. This is a story that children will want to read again and again. I think that children will find this story to be silly and cool. I would love to read more of Amanda Grace's adventures. This story is fresh and engaging, definitely an interesting read.

Whatta Weird World: A Ducky Cure for the Hiccups

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