Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Heat: Club Inferno Book Review

With Jamie K. Schmidt's Heat you find everything you could possibly want it a romance. This book runs the gamut of hot and sexy scenes to emotional and heart felt moments that leave readers wanting more. From the moment I started reading I was ensnared into the lives of these well-developed characters. I enjoyed that the plot and the characters were meaty and had depth, this story wasn't just erotic it really showed the people that they were. Mallory and Max were perfect for each other, I truly adored both characters. Despite the trials they had to endure they both fought and stayed strong. They were there for each other when they needed it most, even though obstacles were thrown in their way. I loved that they didn't care what people thought about them being together, they were going to stay with each whatever the consequences. I love their love story. I am eager to read more from this series.

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