Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Honey Bee's Adventures at Wilderness Pond

Beautifully illustrated and wonderfully written "Honey Bee's Adventures at Wilderness Pond" by Cathryn Carman Davis is a delightful story that your children will love. With boldly colored illustrations Davis tells the story of a young honey bee who thirsts for adventure. What the honey bee didn't expect was the dangers that can be found in the wilderness. The honey bee encounters different animals and insects like, a lizard; a spider; and a dragonfly; that put her in perilous situations, she starts off with a negative attitude and learns some valuable lessons about responsibility and being respectful and kind.

Using rhyme, Davis tells a enriching story that teaches important life lessons. The Honeybee has an encounter with the King Frog that irrevocably changes her heart and the way she treats others. If the King Frog wasn't willing to let bygones be bygones the Honeybee wouldn't have survived her adventure to the Wilderness Pond. Children will learn the importance of forgiveness, being nice, and being responsible. I highly recommend this book. It will also be a great addition to any classroom library. There are a plethora of lessons plans that can stem from this book in every subject area. Teachers can even use this book as a play, children can dress up as the animals and insects and act out the scenes. The importance of the message would shine through with the story being acted out, I think kids will love it. This is an awesome book for early readers but has great lessons for older readers as well. Davis truly has a winner on her hands with this book.

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